How COVID-19 is affecting local tech

Professionals from the tech and innovation industries are stepping up and supporting those in need while navigating the devastating blows to their own normal throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Below, find Technical.ly's articles reporting on COVID-19 — including how it's affecting startups, hiring, economic development, workplace culture and more — from each of our four markets.

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Civic News

Who’s covered by a vaccine mandate? Here’s a quick guide to America’s patchwork of COVID-19 shot requirements

By The Conversation

Private companies have the green light to adopt mandatory vaccination policies as long as they remain in compliance with anti-discrimination laws.


How 5 Baltimore startup pitch nights pivoted to virtual

COVID-19 paused live pitches, but accelerator cohorts are still looking to close out strong. We checked in with entrepreneurship leaders at Johns Hopkins, MICA, Loyola UMB and University of Baltimore for lessons on the switch to virtual demo days.