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This Week in Jobs: New gigs on the block

We got the hotness.

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Gee thanks, just bought it.

Everyone loves new stuff. Or old stuff that’s new to you. And possibly even new stuff you bought for someone else but can’t stop thinking about and finally must buy for yourself.

To save the planet, it’s wise to buy recycled and sustainable products. To save your bank account, it’s even wiser for your friends to hold a virtual intervention about your quarantine-induced online shopping habit slash the reason you own 14 chic fleece throws, four slightly different merino wool sweatshirt and pants sets (for the lounging!), and 50 houseplants, 45 of which you don’t have enough direct sunlight for because you live in a city rowhome — and redirect that time applying for a new job.

Speaking of new stuff, here’s what we’ve got for ya, hot off the job boards.

The News

We know the Philly area is the shiz, it’s just nice when other people say it. Wooed by our fine city’s progressive values and social impact events like Made in America’s Cause Village, Wisconsin-based American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact has developed a taste for cheesesteaks. Figuratively speaking, of course. The AmFam Institute spoke with us about its active interest in building relationships with social impact entrepreneurs and investors in Philly. Hint hint …

Short and sweet: goPuff just raised another $380 million to expand (after last year’s $750+ million). And would you just look at all of these open jobs in Philly?

The goal? More Black businesses in Philly. The short answer: advocacy, funding and social capital. The long answer: Read this and let’s get movin’.

The Jobs



The End

Online shopping can become a very addictive habit. We won’t tell you why we know so much about it. We, just, uh … knew a friend — a friend of a friend — who struggled with it.

Anyways, we hope you have a truly wonderful week. And even if it’s cold and raining, and that sweet, sweet coziness of a new cable-knit sweater is calling you across the interwebs, remember: Careers over cashmeres.


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