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You could say that Power Home Remodeling is remodeling the exterior home remodeling industry. But that is a ridiculous sentence. Even so, it’s no less true.

Power Home Remodeling is the tech company that’s transforming the notoriously stressful experience of home remodeling with innovation and efficiency.

In line with its “build-not-buy” ethos, Power is fueled by NITRO, its proprietary, state-of-the-art collaborative intelligence platform that runs, tracks and supports the entire customer lifecycle. Every single step of Power’s home remodeling process — from marketing to operations to installation — is powered by Nitro’s ever-evolving features and functionality.

That’s where you come in. Power’s Business Technology (BT) division is home to technologists with big imaginations and futuristic ingenuity. The department wears its playful side on its sleeve, nicknaming tech support teams everything from Ninjas to superheros, and dev teams after birds of prey. It’s that touch of creativity, paired with the use of emerging technology — AR, ML, speech recognition and processing, geospatial data and more — that allows Power to make magic in the form of a seamless, technologically-advanced home remodeling experience.

And though happiness is never guaranteed in life, it is certainly more likely when a company’s Chief Operating Officer/Partner — specifically, Power’s Tim Wenhold — takes a weekly happiness survey to keep his finger on the pulse of his employees’ wellbeing. It’s exactly that type of attention to care that led to Wenhold winning the Leader in Innovation 2019 award by Great Places to Work for All, as well as the company being named one of ComputerWorld’s Best Places to Work in IT and Philly Mag’s Coolest Companies.

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Tell us about the internal culture at Power Home Remodeling.

Our executive team is fun and quirky. Tonally, the vibe is more informal, with an open door policy that gives employees accessibility to business stakeholders when they need it. 

We have a culture of openness, collaboration and support. When you come on board at Power, you’re treated like family right off the bat. We’ve set up environments within our workspace that allow for lively group brainstorms and problem solving, as well as quieter and more formal work settings to cater to everyone’s work styles.

What kinds of projects do technologists get to work on?

Our Business Technology department works hand-in-hand with all of the other divisions within Power, developing our NITRO platform to support the internal operations of the entire company. 

For example, one team recently revitalized our large corporate directory, adding some flavor with gifs. Another team developed a new internal workflow program for the communications and branding department. When the HR department wants to roll out new benefits, our devs are the ones building those features from scratch. 

How is Power reimagining the exterior remodeling industry?

Our goal is to improve the world.

We’re setting customer service expectations higher for the entire industry. We work hard to offer services and professionalism you aren’t seeing with other companies. We are very thoughtful in the products we sell, focusing on sustainability, solar power and energy-efficiency.

People always come first, both employees and customers. Every decision is made by how it’ll affect people. We really listen to our employees — when we decide to open up new offices, we listen to where our people want to work; the lives they want to live. It’s a very human place to work.

As you continue to grow, what kinds of opportunities do you have for technologists?

We are actively hiring for developers, UX designers and Scrum masters.

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