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You’ll be working on big, exciting projects like optimizing our social media post queueing system, building out UI components using React, adding support for social media platform-specific features like native video, and getting our onboarding juuuust right so that every user has a mind-blowing experience from their very first login.Today Edgar is built with Rails, Postgres, and React. We do our best to write solid, well-tested code and we keep an eye out for new technologies that improve our development experience.You’ll be joining our small Product & Engineering team, working daily with:- Chad, Engineering Director- Kevin, Product Director- Yuta, Senior Full-Stack Developer, who also serves as our Lead Architect- Mark, Senior Full-Stack Developer- Sarah, Usability Project Manager, who also serves as our dedicated QAAnd you’ll also be frequently working alongside Kristina and Megan on our Customer Experience team. **Spoiler alert** Take a sneak peek at this position’s current “Work Agreement” here: write these up with every employee at MeetEdgar and update them at least once a year to make sure we’re all on the same page about how we’re being evaluated and what types of expectations surround our roles.)

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