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This Week in Jobs Philly: Fresh gigs that pair well with leftovers

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We’re in the thick of it now, folks: the holiday bubble. Everyone is groggy from elevated levels of residual tryptophan, shuffling between couch and fridge, blissfully ignorant of the time and date.

The only methods of remote workday survival are secret naps and micro-doses of assorted fruit breads. And hopefully, reading your fave newsletter for the latest and greatest on the job scene. (Humor us, we’re just as overstuffed and under-motivated as you are.)

The weekly lineup awaits you, friends.

The News

Funding for underrepresented founders is finally seeing the light of day in Philly, with the dual announcements of Philly Startup Leaders’ new Underrepresented Founders Fund and Comcast’s RISE initiative that will support 130 of Philly’s small businesses affected by the pandemic.

Also in the giving spirit is the City of Philadelphia’s Mayor’s Office which recently announced its $500,000 award, to be spread across a handful of organizations under its new PHL: Most Diverse Tech Hub initiative. Click the ol’ link to find out which orgs were chosen.

The Community Fund’s Lolita Taub and Right to Start’s Victor Hwang broke down what “investing in people” really means on the latest edition of our investor series, Off the Sidelines.

And in this week’s episode of The TWIJ Show, host Chris Wink chats up Wodify Head of People Ali Farell about hiring strategies that employ AI and why retention is her favorite success metric.

The Jobs


The End

It’s the holiday season during a pandemic. If anyone dares to wear jeans and a button-down instead of spandex and sherpa fleece 24/7 starting now until Jan. 1, we will kick you out of the bubble.

Stay cozy. Happy job hunting, friends.

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