Off the Sidelines

A podcast series about startup investing

Welcome to Off the Sidelines — your guide to early-stage investment. The world needs a new generation of great companies, and we need your help.

In this podcast series — presented thanks to support from Project Entrepreneur — we’ll be speaking with investors and experts about how to get involved in startup investment. Project Entrepreneur is a program by UBS.

Perhaps you’ve already started investing but want to learn more and level up your ability to evaluate companies. Perhaps you want to use your capital for good but haven’t written a check yet or even thought about the startup world as an option. Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur who wants to better understand the investor mindset. Or perhaps you’re just a curious listener interested in how capital moves around the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

No matter what your background or reason for tuning in, welcome — we hope you enjoy the journey and learn something valuable along the way.


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