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This Week in Jobs Philly: Main Character Syndrome

Sign me up for the part when I win the lottery.

Um, maybe not like this, though.

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Dear Diary …

Have you heard of Main Character Syndrome? That inexplicable, fleeting feeling we all get some days when it feels like the universe has aligned and a big shining spotlight is beaming down on our lives?

Ol’ faithful Urban Dictionary defines Main Character Syndrome as “A type of condition characterized by one feeling as though they are destined to become a Main Character, through possessing attributes and/or having events happen in their life that cause them to become like the protagonist of any fictional story.” You could be a down-and-out nerdy kid who grew up to be a sleek CEO, or an aspiring athlete whose dreams are thwarted by a bad knee. Or a super casually psychic teen who is terrorized by her peers and has a moment of reckoning post-pig’s blood.

I was thinking about this phenomenon this weekend because I had the worst kind of character arc: a birthday girl who ends the night a bit deflated and short her entire wallet (with maybe a tear or two). Hey, it’s alright, because I still have cake in the fridge.

Where will your story take you? Maybe to one of the fresh new jobs we’ve got lined up for you below.

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An important player to keep track of at Tempest is Chelsea Cipriani, who applies her college field hockey playing and coaching experience in her role as the org’s VP of platforms.

Trends are ever in your favor, job seekers: Tech job postings are on the rise.

The Jobs

Make your WFH life a reality show with these exciting full-time remote job opportunities:

The End

You can have your cake and cry into it too. See you next week!

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