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This Week in Jobs: Love is blind, but you’ll want to see these 25 tech career opportunities

It's live ... or is it?

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Still smarting from your Sunday afternoon going awry?

Eager “Love is Blind” fans were disappointed Sunday, when technical difficulties led to Netflix delaying and eventually canceling the reality show’s live reunion broadcast due to technical difficulties.

While the reunion episode hit the platform the next day, fans were bummed the streaming giant couldn’t make its second-ever live event work.

That’s why it never hurts to have a backup plan. Speaking of, this week’s opportunities are so strong, we’ll doubt you’ll wanna keep them on the back burner.

The News

April showers bring … May events? There’s still plenty of time to register for the 13th annual Philly Tech Week presented by Comcast, including these events:

Artificial intelligence, data and machine learning opportunities are booming at Vanguard. Here’s why and how the team is growing.

Learn about Baltimore-based digital services firm Fearless with site reliability engineer Toyosi Rayemo.

In the wake of its recent water emergency, the City of Philadelphia is aiming to roll out multilingual emergency alerts later this year.

What the workplace looks like, post maternity leave: Shannon Wink, the senior director of digital strategy in Ceisler Media’s Philly office, shares her firsthand account of returning to the workplace after maternity leave.

The Jobs


Philly + Delaware

DC + Baltimore


The End

Hoping your week is void of technical difficulties, and we’ll see you back here real soon.

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