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This Week in Jobs: Hello, it’s 20 new tech career opportunities for you

Adele’s run-in is your reminder to reconnect.

Say "Hello" to your new career. (Gif via

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Celebrities, they’re just like us.

This weekend’s chance celebrity encounter was a great reminder of the power of reconnecting.

Songstress superstar Adele halted her Las Vegas set Saturday evening when she spotted her doctor in the audience. In fact, she stopped singing mid-“When We Were Young” to inform the audience this unexpected guest delivered her son.

It’s a fun moment that serves as a reminder to check in with old contacts, especially before the end of the year. Whether it’s reminiscing or learning about a new opportunity, make time for a little networking in your life. You could even reach out to them with one of this week’s new jobs.

The News

What’s happening at Wawa is way more than meets the eye. The popular convenience store chain is investing in technology to enhance the retail experience.

Enough bytes to cause a fright! Here’s how Kennywood uses technology to power its Phantom Fall Fest.

Mark your calendars for Nov. 10. Join and Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce for the year’s last Tech Industry Partnership gathering.

Get that glow from home with the help of this father/daughter duo developing an at-home facial device.

As Philly’s mayoral election draws near, we’re sharing questionnaire responses from candidates David Oh and Cherelle Parker.

The Jobs

Philly + Delaware

DC + Baltimore



The End

Is it time to say, “Hello, it’s me,” to an old contact? See you again soon!


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