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Last week, it was revealed at the UN Ocean Conference that nearly a quarter of the Earth’s ocean floor has now been mapped.

When you think about how much we’ve explored, it seems like both a lot, and perhaps very little. There’s so much more to learn and discover about something seemingly familiar.

You may not be an oceanographer, but it’s a good reminder how much is out there, still unexplored.

Ready to dive into it? Check out this week’s listings.

The News

As a part of our coverage of Racial Equity in Tech Month, learn how these corporate and nonprofit organizations work to boost DEI efforts in their communities, and how these hiring orgs are prioritizing DEI for their employees.

With a background in film and a transition to product management, learn why there’s never a boring day for Ashley Cecere in her role at URBN.

Can we use technology to foster healthier virtual habits for children? Philly-founded Virgils is using its VR platform to create a sense of connection for kids online.

In the latest edition of How I Got Here, Pass IT On CEO Willie Sanders Jr. sheds light on his nontraditional journey through the tech industry.


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