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This Week in Jobs: Careers by land and space

Don’t forget toilet paper. Also, open tech roles!

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Innovate or Get Off the Pot

If you’ve ever tinkled, sorry, tinkered with the mechanics behind takin’ a number two on the moon, your very specific dream may have just come true.

NASA’s Artemis program put a trip to the stars on the books for 2024 and will award $35,000 to the top three teams that design a toilet that works in both lunar gravity and microgravity. We won’t labor over the specifics of the “Lunar Loo” Challenge, as they don’t really go with breakfast, but we will say that this is one opportunity you won’t want to flush down the drain.

So, don’t hold in your best ideas, folks. Go with the flow. For, as we learned long ago, Everyone Poops — even on the moon.

The News

Give ‘em an A+. Two Penn students just launched a new job site for those who are unemployed due to COVID-19. The platform, I Lost My Job to Coronavirus, goes the extra mile to not just help job seekers find jobs, but to notify both the job seeker and the company when a resume matches a job description. Kids these days … actually seem pretty great.

Finally, some news about millennials (just kidding, haha — oh boy, that was a good one). But seriously, the virtual 2020 Millennial Summit for young professionals in Delaware, themed “20/20 Vision,” (see what they did there?!) is comin’ round the mountain this Aug. 3 through 5. There will be panels, there will be speakers, there will be networking opportunities and other live content. Not to mention, we’ll be there — catch 10% off with our code TECHNICALLY20. Register for the event here or read on for more deets.


The Jobs

For those who can’t commit to one location — or romantic partner, but that’s for a different newsletter — here are some remote options:

The End

Thanks for joining us, friends! Don’t forget to send in the blueprints for your space john!

Happy job hunting.

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