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This Week in Jobs: This Pretzel Day, give your job search a new twist with these 18 open roles

Is it time to treat yourself?

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For those unaware, today is National Pretzel Day.

In case you were wondering, the invention of the pretzel is thought to be tied to the Catholic church, when ingredients like meat, dairy and eggs were prohibited during Lent. The treats grew in popularity, to the point where they were handed out by monks to their pupils as a reward for answering questions correctly.

All this is a roundabout way to say, maybe you deserve a treat today for doing your best. Grab a pretzel and some mustard, and check out today’s job postings.

The News’s Developers Conference is almost here! The free event, part of Philly Tech Week presented by Comcast, returns on May 10 with virtual tech talks and in-person discussions and networking. Register for free and check out more info here.

A technologist’s take on tarot: Philly-based technologist and consultant Kara Lindstrom crafted a custom deck as a teaching tool to help clients define their leadership style.

Tuugi Chuluum, associate professor of finance at Loyola University Maryland, explains the poison pill strategy and how it could have kept Elon Musk’s bid for Twitter at bay. Alas, it seems to have not been used after all.


History repeats itself, even when it comes to hiring and the workforce. In this week’s Culture Builder newsletter, here’s what we can learn from 1948 and 1973’s “Great Resignations.”

What is zero trust architecture, and how might it change the practices of the federal government? Guest writer and senior cybersecurity specialist for technology solutions provider Sentient Digital Inc., Chuck Lewis, dives deep into the topic.

Linode cloud software engineer Gavin Chen found his job through’s newsletters. Read more and maybe you’ll follow in his steps.

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The End

Take time to treat yourself today! We’ll see you again real soon.

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