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Philly Tech Week / Software / Workplace culture’s Developers Conference will return May 10 during PTW22

Our annual “tasting menu” of trending technical topics and real-world deployments will be a hybrid twist during Philly Tech Week 2022 presented by Comcast.'s Developers Conference is back. ( image)
Turns out we were getting the conference format all wrong.

Listen intently for the deep technical learning on your own time. Then come together in-person to get unstuck on your learning — and to have fun with friends.

That’s what the return of’s Developers Conference will look like, with pre-event technical talks to review and discussions and fun on Tuesday, May 10 — as part of the 12th annual Philly Tech Week Presented by Comcast.

This year’s conference will explore three topics:

  • What’s Next — Problem solving in an experimental environment using the latest tools
  • Growth Stage — Problem solving with technology that is being tested, deployed or scaled
  • At Scale — Problem solving with technology accessible by millions of people
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First, we’re gathering pre-recorded technical talks that will be shared with your (free) registration. Like in years past, you’ll still listen to real case studies from engineering leads at fast-growth startups, experimental projects and at-scale corporate giants.

Then, you’ll also be welcome to join an in-person evening of small group discussions and a networking reception to follow. Feel stuck on or just interested in issues ranging from shifting language deployments and cybersecurity trends all the way to next-generation work in quantum computing and advancing Web3 protocols? Our speakers will then lead small-group “huddles” on these and other topics.

We're calling for speakers

You come to hear and share the latest from an array of languages, environments and styles. We always describe this event as a “tasting menu” — pick which talks you want to listen to, and leave the rest, according to your technical palate. Technology companies come to share their expertise, connect with top engineering talent, and promote their company culture.

This year’s in-person program will feature those dev talk huddles focused around effective problem solving and innovative solutions. Our select list of speakers will address these themes at a high level as well as in terms of daily functional application. We’re keeping the programming free and accessible, in part with the support of the Most Diverse Tech Hub initiative.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for companies seeking direct access to technologists for brand awareness, engagement and thought leadership.

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