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This Week in Jobs Philly: Have an Olympic week

Do you look best in bronze, silver or gold?

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Trying to be like Simone (aka the best)

Last week, the 2020 Summer Olympics started in Tokyo (one year late, but is time even a thing anymore?). Events have already been won — and lost — and medals awarded, and the games will go on until Aug. 8.

Perhaps the best thing about the Olympics is a newfound, temporary obsession with an event that you only see every four years. Take speed walking (or as they officially call it, a “race walk”) for example. Who knew it’d be such a rush to watch globally ranked athletes do what the rest of us do every Monday when we’re running late to that morning meeting because the line at the local bagel shop was too long?

If the Olympics do anything for us spectators, it inspires greatness. Plus, these athletes have been training day in and day out for years and are just now getting the chance to stand on that celebratory podium. If that’s not a metaphor for how all of your hard work is going to shine through soon, we don’t know what is.

The News

Hear from Inspire’s senior manager of data engineering about why he chose to work at the clean energy tech company (and check out career opportunities there, too).

Have you heard of Ya Fav Trashman? Check out how you can enact some civil duty and tap into the tech-driven solution to citywide trash pickup delays from MilkCrate that he’s backing.

Award winning isn’t just for athletes. This acclaimed independent film is set on a shore in the First State and now streaming on Amazon Prime.

How’d Samirah Devaughn-Marshall get here? Following their heart, not the typical academic track.

The Jobs

Stick the landing, but on your couch. These fully remote jobs are looking:

The End

Does getting up to refill the chip bowl while watching the Olympics count as a workout? We’ll let you know next week.

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