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This Week in Jobs Philly: Dear intern …

Everybody makes mistakes.

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Been there, done that

Late last week, the streaming service HBO Max accidentally sent a test email to its mailing list. The company tweeted an apology and, in response to a flurry of jokes, confirmed it was an intern who caused the mix-up.

Twitter users started sharing their own career mistakes, starting off each post with “Dear intern.” There were unfortunate typos. Inside jokes shared with the entire company. Budgetary mishaps. Words of wisdom. It was one of those nice occurrences when the internet gets together to have a real human moment: Admit we all mess up, make a few jokes and keep moving forward.

We’ve all had those days and, no matter where you are in your career and where you want to be, it’s nice to grant yourself a bit of grace. A professional journey is a human one, so there will be ups and downs, mistakes and wins. And TWIJ will always be waiting here for you in your inbox.

The News

This Friday, and our sister site Generocity are hosting a live chat about the real-life impact of company’s diversity and inclusion pledges. You can keep track of the conversation or join in real-time via Slack from 12 to 1 p.m.

Ahead of Juneteenth, which fell on this past Saturday, reporter Paige Gross spoke with people ops consultant Jai Calloway about how companies can make DEI pledges impactful year-round and support employees of color.

The Jobs

Make no mistake: WFH has some serious pros. Check out these fully remote opportunities:

The End

When you mess up, be nice to yourself! See ya next week.

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