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This Week in Jobs DMV: The New Essentials Edition

Trends, jobs and more.

Bread is here to stay, baby! (Gif via

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Do you even bake, bro?

We’re more than a year into pandemic-normal, and while the end finally seems to be in sight, we’re also getting some indications of which COVID practices will stick with us.

While Zoom drinks and sudden surges in demand for toilet paper will be out (thank goodness), the ecommerce analytics platform Profitero says hand sanitizer, bread-baking and sweatpants seem here to stay. Look, as long as I can keep saying “Arise, Loaf Vader” each time I take the latest no-knead out of the oven, that’s all good with me.

Onto the jobs:

The News

Cool job alert: The Maryland Food Bank is hiring a Head of Product. You’ll be harnessing data analysis, mapping, and other tools to help address food insecurity across the state. If you’d like to see more neat opportunities like this, check out our column called — you guessed it — Cool Job Alert.

If you’re in Baltimore, our weekly Resource Roundup has the rundown on opportunities for startups, nonprofits and students. This week: a $1 million grant program for nonprofits raising cybersecurity awareness, a chance to join the Baltimore BioCrew, and more.

Which DMV startups made the list of the 250 fastest-growing tech firms in the region? Check out the list from Inc., which includes FiscalNote, Homesnap and Leap. We knew them when!

The Jobs





The End

That’s it for this week. Good luck out there on the job hunt!


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