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This Week in Jobs DMV: Happy to See You Edition

Lonely — and not so lonely — wildlife, tech jobs, and more.

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Animal Instincts

Even the animal kingdom may be feeling the weight of social isolation from COVID-19.

As the National Zoo prepared to open its doors last Friday, zookeepers, curators and expectant patrons openly wondered how humanity’s primate cousins — not to mention the petting-zoo cows and donkeys longing for scritches — will welcome back their visitors after four months away. “I would bet money that Lucy will have the strongest reaction to having visitors back,” one curator told Washington City Paper, referring to the zoo’s 46-year-old orangutan.

Then there are the cats: “Cats don’t care about you one way or another,” another curator said. “We all want the cats to love us, but cats are cats no matter what size. They’re indifferent to you.”

Here’s hoping your bosses — let alone any job interviewers — are more like Lucy.

The News

Time to perfect that Heisenberg impression. As demand for COVID-19 testing soars, testmaker GENETWORx in Virginia is planning a hiring surge. The company will be seeking registration data entry positions, lab technicians, lab tech assistants, project managers, business managers and other lab-based roles.

We’re wrapping up Design Month here at, with stories and interviews on UX, graphic design, product development and accessibility. We recently spoke with Ryan Brown, developer and content manager at Kapowza in Canton, who talked about his company’s work spearheading a revamp of the Baltimore Restaurant Week website and managing social media content. Front-end development, he said, is like “building sandcastles, because while it’s fun and relaxing to me at this point, you still have to have attention to detail to the smallest grain of sand — or pixels in this case.”

If you missed the Twitch conversation last week between John Fazio, Gianni Lee, Will Gee and’s own Donte Kirby, you can check out the highlights of their discussion on race, gender, and other pressing topics in the gaming industry. It played out mid-Rocket League; and while you’re at it check out Philly reporter Michael Butler’s profile on esports host and broadcaster Erin Ashley Simon for a look at a Black Latinx woman’s experience in the industry.

The Jobs





The End

Some of the zoo’s animals were expected to have a harder time re-acclimating to social visits. “Prairie dogs are acutely aware that no visitors have been around,” a curator said. “We can see them from a distance up and out of their holes scurrying around the yard with no cares. But whenever someone passes the enclosure, they dive in.”

Five months into COVID, we get the feeling. Good luck out there on the job hunt!


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