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This Week in Jobs: Get a fresh start with these 22 career opportunities

A new design means new beginnings.

Time for the next phase of your career to Gold-bloom. (Gif via

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Editor’s note: Every week we ship an email newsletter featuring the region’s most exciting career opportunities. We’ve lovingly called it This Week in Jobs (aka TWIJ — “twidge.”). Below is this week’s edition; it’s meant to live in your inbox. Sign up for the newsletter here.

It’s never too late to start anew. Us included.

If you’ve stopped by the site lately, you’ll notice’s fresh, new look. Our redesign is grounded in our commitment to the community, with changes based largely on feedback from our readers.

This is our first redesign since 2012 and the first time our logo has changed since 2009. It just goes to show it’s never too late to try something new.

And that includes a new job, too. Looking to redesign your career? There’s plenty of opportunities below for you.

The News

When the going gets tough, the tough get creative. Here’s how eight organizations are approaching their business plans as we wade through an uncertain economy.

With a mix of mentoring and resources, here’s how TEDCO’s Urban Business Innovation Initiative provides tools for growth to entrepreneurs in Prince George’s County.

It seems rarely a day goes by lately where the latest round of layoffs graces our LinkedIn feeds. Do these Big Tech layoffs impact everyone across the board? We’re exploring this topic and more with our February editorial calendar theme, Big Tech + You Month.

The Jobs





The End

It’s up to you to try something new. See you next time!


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