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This Week in Jobs: Go beyond your current career with these 21 open tech roles

Better find your 20% off coupon now.

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Looking for bedding, a bath caddy and the latest kitchen gadget, all in one place?

You’ll only have a few more weeks to find it at Bed Bath & Beyond.

The beloved everything home store, known for its iconic 20% coupon mailers, announced bankruptcy earlier this month, with plans to close its 360 stores in the coming months.

Heads up, you’ll only have until tomorrow to use those coupons (and we know you’ve got three sitting in your junk drawer right now).

Time to move beyond this news? We’ve got plenty of tech news and job listings below.

The News

April showers bring … May events? There’s still plenty of time to register for Philly Tech Week 2023 presented by Comcast, including these events:

You’re not imagining it, big layoffs in tech haven’t made hiring easier. Here’s why.

Holy hologram! Here’s how students at Gallaudet U are using holograms as assistive technology for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

From technology to philanthropy, here’s how  Jon Thompson, associate VP of philanthropic strategy and technology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, combines his background in tech to improve the lives of others.

From an emphasis on social justice to flexible remote work policies, here’s what the Gen Z workforce is looking for, according to a Venture for America and InnovatePGH panel.

The Jobs


Philly + Delaware

DC + Baltimore


The End

Grab your home goods IRL before it’s too late! We’ll see you next week.

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