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Mar. 26, 2019 7:47 am

This Week in Jobs: Career planning, Marie Kondo-style

Thank you for your service, old job.

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“There should be a Marie Kondo-like show about how people have conversations in groups: ‘Do we need that long-winded anecdote? Could it have been one sentence? Have we repeated that joke before? Let’s cut that story into thirds.'”

@louisvirtel, Twitter

Let the sunshine in

It’s really happening, folks. Springtime’s a-comin’. Cherry blossoms are a-blossomin’. And because beauty is pain, allergies are a-brewin’.

Rather than spring cleaning your house this year (honestly, it’s just going to get dirty again in a few days), perhaps consider spring cleaning your career!

What does that mean? Well, we’re not 100 percent sure, as we just made it up. But think of it as a call to take stock of where you’re at professionally and where you want to go next.

Maybe take a cue from the eerily tranquil Marie Kondo and work to change up, toss out or redefine the parts of your career that no longer spark joy. Because ain’t nobody got time to waste on a job they don’t want to fold in thirds and lovingly place in their emotional dresser.

The news

NET/WORK season is almost over, but you have one more chance to get your mingle on at NET/WORK DC on March 27 at Alley powered by Verizon. Prep yourself by reading about some of the participating companies eager to make hires. Don’t forget to RSVP. Also, run a comb through your hair — you wanna look smokin’ for those free professional headshots.


What else is going on in D.C., you say? The city that ranks #3 in innovation? Well let’s take a look, shall we?

Cyber security startup HyperQube is open for business! The company “recognized the growing need for a scalable and reusable virtualized environment to test network boundaries” in a risk-free environment. If only they made one of those for our personal lives, amirite? Get in touch about career opportunities here.

Holding off on framing that Avengers poster in your basement because it’s just too darn expensive? Framebridge is an easy, affordable online framing retailer that just opened a brick and mortar location in its hometown of D.C. Whether at its main office or at its retail location, it’s not a bad place to plant your roots. The company has raised $67.1 million in funding since it launched in 2014 and continues to grow. Check out the job openings here (and don’t forget to filter your search for D.C.).

The jobs

Finding a new career can feel as good as walkin’ around in the … what’s that word again? Oh yeah, sun!

Ugh, yes, we just quoted “The Little Mermaid.” No, we’re not sorry. Actually, it kinda makes you wonder what Kondo would say about Ariel’s habit of hoarding gadgets and gizmos aplenty. Food for thought.





Hot Tip!

“Be sure to do thorough research on a company before you apply or interview for a position. It can be impressive to display awareness of details and recent developments beyond just what’s on the ‘About’ page on their website, and you may find information that makes you even more excited about the opportunity. A great way to dig deep on a company is to explore the company board on — chances are we’ve written about them and you’re bound to find something interesting!”

– Sam Markowitz, production manager at

Upcoming IRL career events

Coming next month is a one-of-a-kind technology strategy conference for execs and entrepreneurs called Phorum 2019 at the SugarHouse Event Center in Philly on April 4. The event brings together startups in emerging technology with C-suite execs to explore the reinvention of enterprises in the digital era. Prettaay cool.

And make sure you’ve set aside the week of May 3 to 11 for Philly Tech Week 2019 presented by Comcast! That goes for all of you Mid-Atlantic-ites.


Thanks for joining us again this week, friends. May your desk be tidy and your professional aspirations joy-sparking.

See you next week.

Happy job hunting!

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