Thousands of Philly small businesses got PPP loans. Find them all here

Search this list and map to see how much tech companies like Linode, Sidecar and NeuroFlow got, and the ZIP code where most loans in the city are concentrated.

Philly saw the most PPP loans go to businesses in Center City West.

(Screenshot via Resolve Philly)

A version of this article originally appeared on Billy Penn and is republished here with permission via the Broke in Philly collaborative.
Update: Nearly — not more than — 2,500 Philly companies got more than $150,000 in aid, and nearly 14,000 — not 15,000 — spots received loans under the $150,000 threshold. Those figures have been corrected. Also, Resolve Philly Data Editor Julie Christie's contribution has been mentioned. (7/10/2020, 11:33 a.m.)

Thousands of Philadelphia companies and small businesses were awarded Paycheck Protection Program loans to stave off the financial freefall of the coronavirus pandemic.

Courtesy of the federal government, nearly 2,500 Philly companies got more than $150,000 in aid — and nearly 14,000 spots received loans under the $150,000 threshold.

Wondering which businesses benefited, and how much they got? Local solutions journalism collaborative Resolve Philly’s data editor, Julie Christie, mapped all the recipients across the city.

At its inception, the PPP was been fraught with frustrating issues and glitches, but eventually funds were distributed in varying amounts. Organizations that received more than $2 million to keep their employees on the payroll are slated for a full audit to make sure the money is properly used.

In Philadelphia, most of the loans greater than $150,000 were concentrated in Center City’s 19103 ZIP code. Scroll to check out the map below.

There’s also a searchable database where you can get some more specifics, also below.

Note that the data available is different depending on the amount of the loan. The Department of Treasury split the info, released on Monday after national news orgs sued to obtain a portion of it, into two groups: loans more than $150,000, and loans less than $150,000.

Among the companies awarded above $150,000, we know the name and address of the business that received the loan — but not the exact amount. For places that got loans less than that, we know the exact amount — but not the name or address.

Find all the info in the tables below. You can also search in a new tab to find Philly businesses that got more than $150,000 and (anonymous) Philly businesses that got less than $150,000.


[Editor’s note: We spy tech companies like Linode, Sidecar, NeuroFlow, Exyn Technologies, Houwzer and the newly acquired Curalate in the more-than-$150K category. And hey, Technically Media! A spokesperson for Nerd Street Gamers told Philadelphia Business Journal it had received, but returned its loan.]

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