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This Week in Jobs: Junior Devs, Dad Jokes, Airport Security

The region's best career opps, in one friendly email.

Celebrate your Clark Griswold this Sunday. (Screenshot)

Editor’s Note: Every week we ship an email newsletter featuring the region’s most exciting job opportunities. We’ve lovingly called it This Week in Jobs (aka TWIJ (“twidge”) here at HQ). Below is this week’s edition. (Here’s last week’s.) Sign up for the newsletter by clicking hereHere are a few more examples. Thanks! — @zackseward

Step away from the tie rack.

Put down the toolbox.

This Sunday, give your father what he really wants — the gift of knowing you’ll one day be able to pay for his nursing home.

Hey, he changed your diapers, it’s only fair you change his. Circle of life. Now onto the job hunt! Let’s make dad proud.

The News

It affects up to 80 percent of us, and if untreated can lead to everything from whiplash to divorce. It’s called Road Rage. And it has to stop. Together with TrafficCast, is looking for pitches that will transform the daily commute through technology and data intelligence at our Future of the Commute: TrafficCast Design Challenge. Got some techy tricks up your sleeve for beating the grind? Well, unclench that steering wheel and register here. We’re giving out $10,000 in prizes for the most brilliant ideas.

Christopher Molaro, Iraq war veteran and CEO of NeuroFlow — a digital tool that helps mental health patients maintain their wellness — knows we can do better when it comes to mental health treatment. His company is getting a boost from the new startup accelerator at the Lancaster-based Smart Health Innovation Lab. The 12-week program will test and optimize NeuroFlow’s technology in simulated care environments so it’s ready to partner with real healthcare systems and start changing some lives. If last week’s news is any indicator, now is a great time to join the mental health revolution, apply here.

Temple University has partnered with Apple as one of six educational early adopters to put student IDs on the iWatch and iPhone. If you loathe last year’s tired look of lanyards, consider a tech career on Temple’s hip, newly card-free campus.

The Jobs

Everybody’s got to start somewhere…this week is for the newbies!

Because hey, the tech isn’t going to support itself.

  • Linode is hiring for Linux Technical Support. In return you get to work both in the cloud and in the Real World. Also, here you network in the morning, leaving more time for doing absolutely nothing after work. Isn’t that all anyone really wants?
  • Stitch is looking for a Technical Support Specialist who can juggle multiple conversations at once. Kind of like a modern day switchboard operator, except completely different. So that reference wasn’t helpful. Sorry. The education budget Stitch offers, however, is helpful for growing your career while you work there.
  • Stevens Capital Management seeks a motivated university student to come on board for a Part-time Tech Support role.

Develop those skills.

Enterprise software firm Deacom is hiring an Entry-level Software Developer who loves to code, regardless of what it reads on your degree under “major.” The company offers great peer-development opportunities for someone excited to learn.

Linode is also hiring a Junior Full Stack Developer to help build its public cloud, used by customers like Dark Sky and The Onion.

[ 2 one 5 ] Creative is looking for a self-motivated Web Developer with an open mind towards new technologies. Fun benefits like free haircuts are included. Though, hopefully they don’t “look free,” if you catch our drift…


This one is NOT for newbies. Badass job alert here:

  • The City of Philadelphia is hiring a Chief Information Security Officer for the Philadelphia Airport. Do not apply for this if you have a tendency to drunk-text your ex. Steel traps only.


Let’s head down I-95

D.C.-based, civic-tech company Nava builds technology that benefits people’s lives, and is hiring an Experienced Software Engineer—Backend.

Rendia, a dog-friendly healthtech company in Baltimore, is looking for a UI/UX Designer to build beautiful digital experiences that help doctors and patients communicate medical issues through the use of visuals.

CSC is hiring a Software Test Engineer to work on its Agile Development team in Delaware.


The Rest

There’s plenty more where that came from. Peruse the entire list here.

Thanks for joining us, and we hope you aren’t victimized by terrible (but necessary) dad jokes this weekend. Happy job hunting! See ya next week!

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