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Experienced Software Engineer – Backend

DC, SF, NYC | Dev / Eng

Job Description
Company Culture
You will work on small teams to build scalable infrastructure for our government – designing, implementing, and delivering services that millions of Americans depend on. You care deeply about working on technology that affects people’s lives, and are passionate about building large-scale systems that are well-designed, fast, scalable, and secure.

What you’ll do

    • Work with fellow Nava engineers to build our production infrastructure to be reliable, secure, and performant
    • Build and maintain our infrastructure as code to  automate the configuration, provisioning, deployment and monitoring of our core systems
    • Collaborate with the government and other contractors to invent, implement, and deploy new systems and improvements to existing systems
    • Architect new systems and changes to existing systems to support new functionality
    • Maintain production systems and investigate issues when they occur

What we’re looking for

    • Experience working on web-based systems
    • Meaningful experience working on large-scale applications and systems
    • An adaptive, empathetic, collaborative and positive mindset
    • Ability to think holistically around engineering issues
    • Knowledge of engineering fundamentals and architecture
    • Expertise in development and programming
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, technical and otherwise
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