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9 new products from the Philly tech scene

Startups of all stages launched products at the new Museum of the American Revolution as part of Ticketleap's Out to Launch event.

The crowd at Out to Launch during Philly Tech Week 2017. (Photo by Jason Sherman)

Launch day!

As part of Ticketleap’s Out to Launch event during Philly Tech Week 2017 presented by Comcast, each of nine companies presented for a short five minutes and explained their core value proposition. It was cool to see staffers like Stitch’s Lauren Hallden and ROAR’s Hunter Vargas presenting products, instead of the normal frontmen and frontwomen of these companies (who are obviously great, but it’s always nice get different faces in front of the tech community and cool to see CEOs giving other staffers some shine).

Here’s the rundown:


Ticketleap’s new spinoff Port kicked things off. CEO Tim Raybould explained to the room why Port’s new ticketing system has an improved user experience compared to Ticketleap’s usual system. “You may be asking yourself why Ticketleap or the world needs another ticketing product,” aid. “Port is more of a marketplace like Etsy. Each merchant does their own marketing and so keeping customers on the website is of the utmost importance. ”


“There’s a lot of information on the internet, but how do you transform that into opportunity?” said Tiffanie Stanard, founder and CEO of Stimulus. “Stimulus helps you find these resources regardless of your personal network.” The intelligence platform is partnered with companies like Penn, Microsoft and AT& T.


“We found a huge problem when it comes to friends trying to figure out where to go out to eat,” said Josh Hoffman, cofounder of Gameplan. The app allows users to collaborate on filters, places, prices and limits the locations down to the most likely for the group to use. Think of it as “recommendations as a service,” Hoffman said.

ROAR for Good

Most of us know of Yasmine Mustafa’s ROAR for Good already. But in case you don’t, the team is building a wearable safety device called Athena. The SilentRoar feature is where the user presses a button three times and it sends the GPS signal to friends and family. The alarm mode, which is for more threatening situations, gets activated when the button is held for three seconds and a loud siren sounds and sends the GPS signal out. “It was built to be modular so the user can always access it with either hand,” said Hunter Vargas, the marketing manager, adding: “We donate some proceeds to education programs to get to the root cause of violence toward women.”

Boost Linguistics

The Booster editor categorizes your language based on a emotion that you want to elicit in your audience.  t will target certain words and transform them for you using a color wheel that corresponds to certain emotions. “We enable you to boost sales and marketing through emotional content,” said Jeff Nowak, cofounder of Boost Linguistics.


“We are trying to find treatments and cures for diseases by taking the curation time and reducing it massively,” said Chris Baglieri, VP of engineering, and Joost Wagenaar, cofounder and head of scientific product of Blackfynn. “We accelerate cures for neurological diseases by investing in analysis and exploration.”  Blackfynn views data in a way that gives them a wider perspective as to what the data means. “We’ve streamed data from a medical device implanted in a dog’s brain, in real time, to our platform. We then analyzed it using sophisticated algorithms, extracted features of interest and detected events such as seizures. Ultimately, we are stopping seizures.” How’s that for a wow factor?


Rick Nucci showcased Guru’s enterprise tools. “We integrate and work with sales and support in organizations,” said Nucci. “We help them solve customer problems faster. The spammy time of sales emails is dying.” Nowadays, account-based marketing is triggering a need to have very rich conversations with your prospects. For example, companies need to make sure they are sending the right version of a PowerPoint to a customer. “Content performance is our new feature,” continued Nucci. “It allows you to connect Guru to Salesforce and Slack for end-to-end tracking and analytics. Sales reps know what to send and when.”


Stitch just launched Singer. “We build a simple-to-use open source standard for sending data from Taps to Targets,” said Lauren Hallden, lead product designer at Stitch. “This means you can make a Singer with a few lines of code using two simple commands and transfer it to a .CSV file. You can send your data to us even using Google Sheets.“

Stitch has over 60 pre-built connectors to database, CRM, marketing automation, payment processors, email service providers, customer support and more. “When you get all your data in a warehouse you can ask interesting questions,” said Hallden. “You can use business intelligence tools to run reports or run SQL queries.” Stitch has garnered over 200 customers in the first year, Hallden said, mostly due to their onboarding process, which takes roughly five minutes. Also, customers don’t have to talk to any sales people.

Lately, the market has been reevaluating its approach to hiring. Companies need an inbound hiring strategy and they want to own their hiring pipeline. That’s where Talent comes in. “Passive job seekers who are highly sought after and aren’t looking for work applied to companies that were mentioned in articles and some were hired,” said Cary Betagole,’s product manager. Rather than one-off job posts, clients get real estate on the jobs board, plus a short feature on company culture and its employees. It’s a year-round model, instead of just for a month. “That way they can really build a presence,” Betagole said. “Connect with content, build your email list and keep your pipeline in the loop.”

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