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Philly is a B2B town. It’s about time it got a B2B sales meetup

Enterprise Sales Meetup founder Mark Birch is bringing the group to Philly because he “knew instinctively that building a sales community would be successful” here.

Sean McDade (left) and Mark Birch in conversation at the first Enterprise Sales Meetup in Philly. (Screenshot via YouTube)

Recognizing one of the region’s strength’s, Mark Birch is bringing a business-to-business sales meetup to Philadelphia from New York.
Birch is the founder of Enterprise Sales Meetup, a company which hosts monthly events focused on enterprise B2B solutions. These meetups take place in New York, D.C., Boston and now Philly.
It was the combination of the city’s strong tech scene, Birch’s family ties and expressed interested from people here that helped make the decision for Enterprise Sales Meetup to expand to the area.
“I think it was partly the growing strength of the tech community with companies like RJMetrics, Curalate, PeopleLinx and Monetate, coupled with the number of true enterprise-class companies in the area like Aramark and Comcast,” Birch explained via email. “The magic of the community is that it is a place where anyone can gather as long as you are involved in B2B sales, whether startup or Fortune 500, whether tech or manufacturing. ”
The first meetup was held Jan. 28 and featured Sean McDade of PeopleMetrics.

Thirty-three people attended the first meetup and although there’s no regular schedule yet, Birch hopes to be able to host the event once a month at one location. For now, the next meetup will be held Feb. 18 at Benjamin’s Desk. RSVP below.

Companies: Aramark / Comcast / Curalate / Monetate / PeopleLinx / RJMetrics

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