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This Week in Jobs: Virtual hugs

And non-engineering jobs. But also engineering jobs.

(Photo by Holly Quinn)

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Together while apart

What did we learn over the holiday weekend? So glad you asked. Turns out, no amount of advanced video chat features can make Aunt Candy’s story about where she buys her Bermuda shorts more interesting. (“The shop is on Pine Street, wait, no, Lombard? It’s by that place with the blue door. I’m sure it’s blue. Is it red?”) No beachy background will ever divert a mother-in-law’s attention away from our flawed fashion choices. (“Oh. All black again?”) And despite the fact the connection was bad, we were still on the hook to watch young Grace’s entire gymnastics routine until she got it right. (“Ughhh I messed that part up, hold on. Actually, I’m just going to start over.”)

Yet, despite having to celebrate holidays through thumbnail-sized boxes on Zoom for the indefinite future, it is nice to know that some things will always stay the same. Even if those things drive you crazy.

The News

Christopher Wink, Philly’s resident BMOC, our very own CEO and probably lots of other cool acronyms, has launched a new weekly web interview series called The TWIJ Show. This week’s premiere episode tackles team messaging during a time of crisis. Tune in via the link.

“They may take away our (social) lives, but they will never take away our freedom!” That Braveheart sure loved to hang out with friends. And so do we! That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the new dates and digital experiences that Philly Tech Week 2020 has to offer. The events will take place virtually starting in May and IRL Sept. 21 through 25.

What does a global pandemic mean for the internet? Let’s go to Internet Society’s Katie Jordan for the scoop. Katie?

The Jobs

Tired of engineers getting all the glory? Here’s a few of non-software gigs for you essential unicorns of the tech industry:

  • Proud, passionate practitioners of Agile processes and principles, plisten up: Penn Mutual has the Agile Coach position for you.
  • Ranked fifth on Inc. magazine’s annual list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States, Perpay is looking for a Growth & Life Cycle Marketer. We hope it ranks you #1 on its list of candidates.

But also here are some engineering jobs … because, well, there’s a lot of them:

Gettin’ used to that couch? Stay there! These babies are remote:

The End

Well, that’s it for now, friends. Unless you have any amazingly awkward stories to share about a holiday Zoom gathering gone bad. Please email those to us so that we may rejoice in all their embarrassing glory. Also we’re bored.

‘Til next time, happy job hunting!


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