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This Week in Jobs: NET/WORK Philly 2020 comin’ atcha!

Job hunters, unite!

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FOMO? Oh, no no.

Is there anything worse than missing an event or connection that could have taken your career to the next level? Well, okay, sure. Tornadoes sound a lot worse than that. Getting lost at sea, yikes. Still, many people at some point or another in their work lives contract the highly-contagious, socially-induced virus of career FOMO.

So spare yourself this time, friends. Sanitize your mind from this toxic mental cold and sign up for the best job fair to ever happen to job fairs in the history of job fairs: NET/WORK Philly 2020. It’s so big, we had to use all caps.

NET/WORK Philly takes place at The Fillmore on Tuesday, February 25, and features networking (gotta hobnob with the bigwigs when you get the change, amirite?), unlimited potential job connections, free headshots and all of the coffee you can handle without having to excuse yourself to pee every five minutes.

So read on for the essential info, such as which local tech/tech-adjacent companies are scheduled to attend and how to register.

The Deets

  • Where: The Fillmore Philly in Fishtown
  • When:
    • Tuesday, Feb. 25
    • 3-8 p.m.: Workshops, networking, resume reviews/professional headshots and happy hour
  • Cost: General admission, $10; Happy hour only, $5
  • Buy tix

The Companies

We cannot stress this enough: Check out some of the attending employers before you hit up the event. Do a little research. Blow them away with your knowledge of their company.

(But do keep in mind, this is very specific advice for a job fair. Don’t, say, do this on a date. For some reason dates get freaked out when you tell them you’re impressed with their annual revenue, or can recite the names of everyone in their family.)

Here we go! These are the Talent Pro companies that will be there:

  • Allow us to introduce our very special Presenting Sponsor: Vanguard, the ship-themed investment firm making investing accessible for all
  • Deacom: the “Artisans of ERP Software” kickin’ butt in Chesterbrook, PA
  • Guru: the masters behind knowledge management software that allows companies to take advantage of their collective knowledge
  • Inspire: serving up a Netflix-style subscription to wind power and more products for reducing energy use
  • IntegriChain: using big data to help manufacturers get meds in the hands of patients, faster
  • Linode: one of the world’s first and largest open source-focused cloud hosting providers, with a platform that boasts nearly half a million users around the world
  • Penn Mutual: bringing fresh approaches to insurance services since way before your grandpa was born
  • Perpay: the fintech company making big purchases easier for consumers to finance
  • Pinnacle 21: an industry-leading clinical data standardization platform that streamlines the drug approval process
  • Power Home Remodeling: supplying leakless roofs and draftless windows for home owners everywhere
  • PromptWorks: a group of ambitious engineers building custom software
  • URBN: the well-dressed parent company to cult fashion brands, Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters

And here are all the other great companies you can find at NET/WORK Philly:

Also, remember to check the event page regularly to stay up to date as new companies are added.

The End

Can’t wait to see you at NET/WORK Philly 2020! Register soon, and reach out with any questions you might have prior to the event.


On a final note, although we try to keep it easy, breezy like Maybelline over here at TWIJ, there’s simply no way to ignore the loss of legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the seven other beautiful lives taken on Sunday.

Beyond his remarkable skills and achievements in basketball, Bryant taught us to approach our work lives with discipline, focus and fortitude through his Mamba Mentality.

“To sum up what the Mamba Mentality is, it means to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself,” Bryant said. “It’s a constant quest to try to better today than you were yesterday.”

May his words be a reminder to all of us to live every moment to its fullest (just eat the french fries, dang it!), and to go after our dreams with a fiery passion, whatever they may be.

And maybe, in honor of Bryant, we should all throw the ball around a little this week. Except for this writer, who has never met a team sport in which she didn’t get benched.

Happy job hunting, friends.


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