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This Week in Jobs: Itching for a new tech job?

But stop touching your face.

(Photo by Holly Quinn)

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Six is greater than one

Now that our bodies have been taken prisoner by allergies — pollen settling deep down into the eye sockets, lids grinding over eyeballs like sandpaper, the tender skin of the under eye area rubbed raw by our very own tortured hands — it’s actually not so bad staying inside.

Plus it’s easier to read this week’s list of tech openings when the seeping pollen ooze isn’t straining out of your puffy, bloodshot eyes.

Or, maybe it’s just time for an Allegra.

The News

Philly Tech Week’s Introduced | Virtual is on like a prawn at dawn this Thursday, May 7. So take a looksie at the lineup and secure your attendance for this popular all-day event (now online — and free!), featuring speakers from Philly companies like Guru, Comcast, gettacar and Sahay Consulting, and Delaware’s Second Chances Farm. Register here.

Lions and tigers and … well, probably not bears in this case. Meghan Griffiths, senior operations manager at Inspire, told us how her childhood in South Africa inspires her work at the company that is looking to build a brighter energy future through smart home products and wind power subscriptions. But seriously, are there bears in South Africa?

In the third episode of The TWIJ Show, Technically Media CEO Chris Wink talks “maintaining a ‘growth mindset’ during a downturn” with Catalyte CEO Jake Hsu and Guru CEO Rick Nucci. Here’s what advice the trio had for listeners.

The Jobs

Special callout for the senior-level UX, ML/AI and Data crews — ship-themed investment services firm Vanguard is rollin’ in jobs with your names on them:

Oops, almost forgot about this baby from AWeber Communications, too:

  • Looking for a Sr. UI Designer to design user interfaces. Adds up, if you ask us.

Prefer that remote life? We gotcha covered:

The End

Thank you for joining us again this week. And keep those sneezes inside the mask, won’t you? Nothing worse than feeling the familiar sprinkle of someone else’s nose juices hit your arm during a pandemic *shudder*.

Happy job hunting, friends!


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