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Here’s the data behind the 80+ jobs available at NET/WORK Delaware

We've got the inside look at the open jobs from companies hiring at the annual event, happening Wednesday, March 20.

At NET/WORK Delaware 2017. ( file photo)

Hopefully you’ve seen our increased focus on content about opportunities and career growth, such as our This Week in Jobs newsletter, our growing local tech jobs board or this month’s editorial focus on women in tech.

We also think that journalism helps us as an organization be smarter about how we deliver info about things we’re promoting — like by taking a deep dive into the data behind the scenes of our tech jobs fair NET/WORK, which goes down tomorrow, Wednesday, March 20, at CSC’s global headquarters.

Will there be a job there for you? That data says yes, emphatically.

Each year, we poll our attending companies about the roles they’ll have open at NET/WORK. Here’s a look at the data behind the open roles that companies will be promoting at the event.

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What industry categories/verticals best align with your organization?

We asked companies to define the industries they’re in. In some cases, companies had multiple answers, if for example a large financial services organization.

  • Fintech: 80%
  • Financial Services: 40%
  • Software: 40%
  • Artificial Intelligence: 20%
  • Cloud Computing: 20%
  • Cyber Security: 20%
  • Data and Analytics: 20%
  • Other: 20%

How many positions are you looking to fill right now?

  • 40% of companies said 20+ jobs
  • 20% of companies said 11 to 15 jobs
  • 40% of companies said 1 to 5 jobs

In the aggregate, the survey says to expect more than 80 tech jobs available at NET/WORK.

What roles are you hiring for?

As expected, those involved with developing product in the tech space are the most sought after at NET/WORK. Open engineering and software development roles make up 73 percent of the total roles, backed by Operations/Project Management positions at 7 percent of total roles.

But tech companies need all kinds of talent: In this case, 25 percent of the jobs at NET/WORK are focused on UX/design, business development, marketing and other crucial positions.

  • Engineering/Development:  73% of total roles available
  • Operations/Project Management: 7% of total roles available
  • UX/Design: 5% of total roles available
  • Other: 20% of total roles available

Get your tickets now for NET/WORK Delaware, taking place this Wednesday, March 20.

Find the company that's right for you. RSVP for NET/WORK Delaware


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