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Women in Tech Month 2019

In March 2019, Technical.ly took a look at the state of women (including trans women and non-binary individuals) in tech and entrepreneurship communities.

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Technical.ly Coverage

Apr 1 12:28pm

What this motorcyclist and RevZilla manager learned from being ‘first’ many times over

Apr 1 9:52am

3 ways the Pennovation Center helps its women entrepreneurs accomplish their goals

Mar 29 3:17pm

This all-women digital firm is fighting the assumption that only millennials can thrive in tech

Mar 29 1:55pm

Female founders get far less VC funding than men. Here’s a look at the numbers in Baltimore

Mar 29 12:51pm

Meet the Capital One tech executive who’s spearheading diversity initiatives across the company

Mar 29 12:14pm

5 Qs with Emily English, CEO of Gemstone Biotherapeutics

Mar 29 11:59am

How an Arlington County high school is closing the gap in high tech

Mar 29 8:38am

Increasing gender diversity in tech from the top

Mar 28 5:32pm

Beyond the labels of motherhood and tech

Mar 28 3:49pm

Neuroscience Ph.D. to data science director: Ellen Ambrose’s path to Fells Point’s Protenus

Mar 28 3:35pm

Female tech founders in DC received only 4.7% of VC funding in 2018

Mar 28 3:05pm

In Philly, less than a fifth of all VC dollars go to women-founded companies

Mar 28 11:37am

On future-proofing careers and leading from the front

Mar 28 10:00am

This Baltimore social enterprise is building tech to reduce homelessness

Mar 27 7:02pm

90 career-building resources for Delaware women in tech

Mar 27 6:27pm

This group is where women leading startups learn from each other

Mar 27 12:12pm

Reorg, reimagined: Why this tech agency asked its employees how it should evolve

Mar 27 7:54am

How a focus on user experience is making all the difference at Asymmetrik

Mar 26 7:28pm

4 strategies Baltimore companies are employing to close the gender gap in tech

Mar 26 2:00pm

1on1: Devs Steph Staub and Briana West on coding and career trajectories

Mar 25 5:48pm

3 ways networking can help build a gender-diverse workplace

Mar 25 1:15pm

Why this engineer is betting on women to build the future of tech innovation

Mar 25 11:35am

Leading the tech behind a new way to book business travel

Mar 22 3:02pm

Meet Shavini Fernando, developer of a wearable vital monitoring device

Mar 22 10:50am

Why this aspiring data analyst is looking for a mentor

Mar 21 5:55pm

VoiceVibes uses AI to automate the process of polishing speech

Mar 21 12:46pm

Here’s a list of 75 career-building resources for Philly women in tech

Mar 20 5:42pm

Baltimore’s new health commish, Dr. Letitia Dzirasa, on community care and tech

Mar 18 2:53pm

Meet Wilmington’s STEM Queen, 16-year-old Jacqueline Means

Mar 18 2:47pm

Comcast’s LIFT Labs is launching a new meetup group for female founders and funders

Mar 14 11:17am

At 14 West, only go-getters need apply

Mar 14 11:00am

After the happily ever after: How to find balance as an entrepreneur and new mom

Mar 14 7:28am

How this Vistar Media software engineer succeeds on an ‘inclusive team’

Mar 13 5:11pm

This high-tech Wilmington clothing boutique is going wholesale

Mar 12 12:34pm

It’s Women in Tech month at Technical.ly. Here’s how to get featured

Mar 11 1:20pm

Here’s how Grubhub’s CTO helps a distributed dev team run smoothly

Mar 8 10:27am

How to help set a TechGirlz world record in Delaware

Mar 7 7:52am

Finding creative freedom and work-life balance at Penn Mutual

Mar 6 6:15pm

Meet LACH: This entrepreneur created an online marketplace for children’s and maternity clothes

Mar 6 12:11pm

The Mill celebrates women in March with a ‘lunch and learn’ series

Mar 6 10:53am

This 12-year-old coder has a simple message for young girls with STEAM interests

Mar 5 1:18pm

Philly tech companies are trying these 4 strategies to bridge the gender gap

Mar 5 1:16pm

DC holds the #1 spot in ranking of best cities for women in tech

Mar 5 9:59am

TechGirlz just got acquired by CompTIA’s nonprofit arm

Mar 4 11:05am

Baltimore rises to #2 in women-in-tech rankings

Mar 4 10:36am

Girls Who Code to launch free STEM immersion camp for girls in Philly

Mar 1 2:37pm

Power Moves: Amelia Friedman transitions to an advisory role at Hatch Apps