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How I Got Here Month 2022

What nontraditional paths led to successful tech careers? What are the latest skill and salary trends? How can junior devs secure mentorship from more experienced technologists?

Inspired by our How I Got Here series of profiles, Q&As and guest posts as well as past themes such as Tech Career Paths Month (February 2021) and How to Get a Tech Job Month (November 2021), November 2022 is Technical.ly's How I Got Here Month.

Expect extra reporting on the winding career trajectories of today's technologists and others in our local tech ecosystems. We'll explore topics like tech education programs, publish explainers on how to break into different careers within the industry, and ask "Where are they now?" of folks we've featured previously in the How I Got Here series.

Learn more about our editorial calendar, and pitch a story or guest post by getting in touch via this form. You can also tell Technical.ly about your own career path to be considered for the ongoing How I Got Here series.

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