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DEI Progress Month 2023

How do you define diversity, representation, inclusion or equity?

Technical.ly's coverage of tech- and founder-driven systems throughout Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Pittsburgh, Delaware and beyond features countless examples of initiatives, bills, corporate programs, employee resource groups and individual declarations that represent the hope of more equitable and vibrant cities. But against the backdrop of continued attacks on the freedom and vitality of people from all marginalized groups — and, on this Pride Month, not just people of color — the true impact of this hopeful enthusiasm must be investigated.

To that end, June 2023 is DEI Progress Month in our 2023 editorial calendar. Expect articles tracking such progress, highlighting startups' approaches to inequity, and more of the coverage you've come to expect from our Junes since 2020, albeit with an eye toward accountability. We'll explore what's changed in tech and business since the racial equity pledges of 2020, 2021 and 2022; how startup funding can be dispersed more equitably; and what diversity and inclusion programs have proven to be most effective, among related topics.

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