Racial Equity in Tech Month 2022

What work is being done to increase access and representation for people who have been historically left out of local tech economies? What progress has been made on the many public funding or diversity pledges made by companies in the last two years? Who are the hidden figures who have been doing the work all along?

Building on our years of reporting on this topic, June 2022 is Technical.ly's Racial Equity in Tech Month, featuring extra reporting on efforts to boost DEI in the tech sector. Pitch a story or guest post by getting in touch via this form.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Where are they now? Black and Latinx entrepreneurs in Wilmington reflect on two years of COVID-19 recovery

By Holly Quinn

“I have to keep fighting for opportunities”: Technical.ly’s 2020 Seeking Equity in Wilmington series brought to light some of the challenges faced by the city’s business owners of color. We caught up with seven of the participants.