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PHL: Most Diverse Tech Hub

In November 2020, the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce awarded $500,000 across several organizations for its PHL: Most Diverse Tech Hub initiative. The three-part initiative seeks to boost tech skills for the future talent pipeline — specifically Black and brown Philadelphians looking to move into technology careers.

For its part in this funded initiative, Technically Media is managing the Philadelphia Tech Industry Partnership, through which it is convening technology employers to identify sector and talent needs with workforce diversity at top of mind, and building the network of employer partners. These partners should be committed to providing internships, on-the-job training, unsubsidized employment and targeted mentoring.

The articles appearing here are also a part of the PHL: Most Diverse Tech Hub initiative. They were independently reported and not reviewed by other partners.

Check out our Most Diverse Tech Hub report and toolkit here.

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Technical.ly’s Developers Conference will return May 10 during PTW22

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CBK Ventures’ first pitch competition will give 5 founders a chance at $25K

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Case studies: How can employers get better at hiring and retaining Black and brown technologists?

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Case studies: How can employers help underrepresented tech pros get hired via upskilling?

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How I Got Here: SAP’s Jessica Wescott on giving back via corporate volunteering

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Philadelphia aims to become the ‘Most Diverse Tech Hub’ in the country

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Technical.ly’s annual Developers Conference is back May 11 during PTW21

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Case studies: How can tech employers boost diversity in the talent pipeline, starting with K-12?

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