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How resilient is local tech?’s 2023 editorial calendar will explore

From navigating a (possible) recession to the intersection of tech and entertainment, will devote extra coverage to these 12 timely topics this year.

A scene from's Most Diverse Tech Hub event in Philly, November 2022. ( photo)
Update: August's theme is now Broadband Connectivity Month. (7/14/23, 1 p.m.)
What will 2023 bring the tech communities of Philly, Baltimore, DC, Delaware, Pittsburgh and beyond?

However tricky it is to predict what topics will matter months or a year from now, we at spend enough time thinking through these communities’ opportunities and challenges that some themes emerge — chief among them a need for resiliency, as we approach another year of economic uncertainty and social change.

Thus, resiliency — that is, toughness, or the ability to recover after setbacks — will feature prominently in the reporting of our 2023 editorial calendar themes.’s editorial calendar is a reporting series with monthly themes relevant to our niche group of readers. The idea is to allow our journalists to dive deeper into 12 topics that local technologists, entrepreneurs, company leaders and innovators care about (while still maintaining our regular diversity of coverage).

First up: Navigating a (Possible) Recession Month.

Though we can’t know yet whether a formal recession is coming, we can likely expect an economic correction of some sort. Venture capital analysts are predicting that company valuations will continue to sag, and “the end of cheap money” has already been heralded. Still, tech jobs tend to be more resilient than most. What does all this mean for local tech companies and communities?

This January, we want to hear from leaders who have learned from success and failure alike during past economic downturns. We’ll also look to publish explainers and guest commentary from academic experts and researchers, as well as those with lived experience. Tell us: How are you navigating these weird economic times?

We’ll also publish the 2023 editions of our annual RealLIST Startups, tracking the most promising young tech companies across our markets. We’re not asking for formal nominations this year, but if you have an idea for a startup we should consider, please do get in touch.

And now, check out’s full 2023 editorial calendar. Broadly, these themes cover technology and economic trends, professional development and workplace culture, with an eye on how each is impacting local tech communities:

January — Navigating a (Possible) Recession

  • How have businesses emerged from the pandemic and stayed resilient, or not? How are local, state and federal policies and political transitions affecting economies? What advice do leaders who’ve been here before have for the rest of us?

February — Big Tech + You

  • How are the moves of Apple, Meta, Twitter, Google, Amazon and the like affecting our personal and professional lives? How are they influencing our local economies and tech communities? How are smaller tech companies interacting with these major players?

March — Universities

  • What’s the coolest next-gen R&D coming out of local universities and labs? How are academics thinking about tech transfer and commercializing their work? Which professors and students are working on quantum computing, AI, robotics and other tech frontiers?

April — How to Get a Tech Job

  • What technical skills are essential to know now, and what’s the best way to develop them? What nontraditional paths led to successful tech careers? How many computer science grads are coming out of local universities, and where are they getting hired?

May — The State of Local Tech

  • How healthy are local tech communities at this stage of the pandemic? Which local meetups are most active and thriving? How are city centers recovering from pandemic-prompted economic setbacks, or not?
  • Plus, look for the 2023 editions of’s annual RealLIST Connectors tracking the most connective tech community members in each of our markets, as well as the return of Philly Tech Week presented by Comcast.

June — DEI Progress

  • What’s changed in tech and business since the racial equity pledges of 2020, 2021 and 2022? How can startup funding be dispersed more equitably? What diversity and inclusion programs have proven to be most effective?

July — Entertainment Tech

  • Which entrepreneurs and technologists are doing the most interesting work in sports, arts and culture, nightlife, music, esports and the like? Where does local tech show up in pop culture? How are companies, organizations, agencies and individuals supporting economic development at these intersections?

August — Broadband Connectivity Month

  • How are governments and institutions spreading awareness of the federal Affordable Connectivity Program? What efforts are being made to promote broadband connectivity in regions that are under-connected, and how are those efforts faring? How could better internet access impact tech talent diversification and pipelines?
  • This month’s reporting is underwritten by Verizon.

September — The Tech Behind

  • What technology is powering local institutions, from Halloween attractions and holiday lighting displays to university VR labs? What roles and professional skills are required to sustain these technical displays? What non-tech-forward orgs or projects have secretly cool tech stories?
  • Plus, this fall, look for the 2023 editions of’s annual RealLIST Engineers tracking the most influential technologists in each of our markets.

October — Biotech

  • How many jobs are available in this field locally, and what skills are needed to get them? What companies are working on the latest products to save lives in fields like cell and gene therapy? What makes for a strong — and recession-proof — life science hub?

November — Resilient Tech Careers

  • What job titles and skills are most likely to withstand layoffs, recessions and pandemics? What does professional growth from failure look like? How can career pivots ensure future success?

December — Leadership Development

  • What did the most experienced entrepreneurs learn about themselves and their industries during their careers? What will workplaces look like in the future? What professional and community resolutions are tech leaders setting for 2024?
  • Plus, look for the 2023 edition of the annual Awards honoring impactful leaders, change-making companies and innovative technology products making communities better.


Many of these follow a similar line: helping you do your job better. You can expect a handful of profiles on folks doing the most within these sectors, guest posts from relevant experts, and a whole bunch of reporting on trends, challenges and solutions. We’ll publish reported explainers and community perspectives alike.

Have an idea for a story? Know someone working in one of these spaces who deserves some shine? Looking to align your marketing campaign with a sponsored content package? Drop us a line:

Get in touch

P.S. Here’s how 2022’s themes turned out:

Series: Navigating a (Possible) Recession Month 2023

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