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This Week in Jobs Pittsburgh: Birdwatching

The Real Housewives of Pittsburgh: Cathedral of Learning Edition.

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Looking for a little drama in your life? Look no further than the top of the University of Pittsburgh’s “Cathy” (as the kids call it). For over 20 years, state threatened peregrine falcons have been nesting atop of the historic building, but this mating season’s drama is sure to ruffle a few tail feathers.

With multiple males vying to mate with the nest’s female lead, Morela, the coverage sounds like a soap opera playing out in real time, and you can even watch the 24/7 livestream to keep up with your favorite characters.

While birdwatching is all kinds of dramatic, you don’t have to wing it when it comes to your job search. Peep below and find a spot to build your next nest.

The News

As esports and gaming more broadly grow as major industries in locally and beyond, Metafy is coming for the big guys: After raising $3 million in seed funds, the Pittsburgh-based (but largely remote) coaching startup cofounded by Derry native Josh Fabian hopes to change the way people make money in gaming, he told

It’s always good to grow, but how do organizations preserve culture during a high growth period? explored the topic with insights from SmartLogic, and The Tactile Group.

Idelic raised $20 million in series B funding to help make the trucking industry safer through autonomy.

Ian Rosenberger, founder of Day Owl and First Mile, appeared on the podcast Scaling Sustainability to discuss circularity in consumer goods.

The Jobs

The Remote Jobs

The End

Save the drama for reality TV, and we’ll see you next week for a new flock of opportunities.

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