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This Week in Jobs: A scary number of great jobs this season

Yes, that’s a good thing.

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Are you afraid of the dark?

For those of us who are horrified by horror, the weeks leading up to Halloween are far more terrorizing than the actual day itself.

Gory movie trailers popping up in the middle of lighthearted sitcoms like hands from a grave. The daily reminder that at any moment, a ghost child may be laying under the bed, ready to snatch your ankles. And Hulu’s callously frightening lineup of horror movies that scarred you as a child splayed across the landing page — say, for instance, and just pulling a name out of a hat here, “Child’s Play,” which you accidentally saw at age 6, ruining dolls (and redheads) and haunting your dreams well into your 30s.

Wait, what were we here to talk about again? Oh, right. Jobs. No terrifying surprise here, there’s plenty of job candy to fill your trick or treating bag. Let’s dive in.

The News

It’s Software Development Month here at and we want to know what kind of projects you’re brewing up this October. Our eyes are peeled for interesting features on local companies’ tech stacks, upskilling trends, technical side projects, coding bootcamps and the like. If you’ve got some goods to share, bring it on.

We’re still looking for MVPs of the local tech scene for RealLIST Engineers. If you know a technologist in Philly, Baltimore or Pittsburgh solving important problems and creating positive change through code, send them our way. Voting is open until Oct. 15.


The Jobs


The End

You may not be afraid of no ghosts, but it’s OK to be afraid of the dark. And writing cover letters. And, also, interviewing for new jobs.

The great news is, TWIJ is always here to help. The bad news: We still have 24 days until the horror of Halloween marketing is over.

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