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How one piece of hardware changes fashion history.

Jeans: looking good at 150. (Gif via

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Blue jeans celebrated a massive milestone this week, turning 150 years old.

While denim’s been around even longer, blue jeans were invented when tailor Jacob Davis in Reno, Nevada decided to add rivets to high tension points on denim pants. Customers kept complaining their pants would rip after a hard day of labor, and Davis discovered the rivets in strategic points would keep the jeans from ripping.

Sometimes innovation just takes one small change.

And if you’re looking for changes, check out this week’s opportunities.

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Tech pros early in their careers are having a hard time getting hired. Here’s how we can solve it.

Isn’t this convenient? Sheetz’s expanded tech office in Pittsburgh’s Bakery Square has opened.

Times are changing, and so is our workforce. Here’s how population trends impact the tech industry.

As they move back to the offices they first started in, it’s a full-circle moment for Wilmington-based design firm First Ascent Design.

Meet Macon Gambill, a self-taught systems engineer at Fastmail, and learn what he likes about working for the values-driven email provider.

In this guest post, Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce founder, president and CEO Ayanna Khan weighs in on the recently passed Senate Bill 25 and how it affects Black- and minority-owned contractors’ ability to compete for state-funded construction projects.

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