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This Week in Jobs DMV: Negotiation Edition

Trades, jobs and more.

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Contract Extensions

The blockbuster trade last week of NBA All-Stars Russell Westbrook and John Wall may have dominated the sports pages and the D.C. basketball-verse, but another player move attracted considerably less notice:

Giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian agreed to a three-year contract extension with Smithsonian’s National Zoo, with the understanding that they’ll take their talents to China at the end of 2023. Details are sparse, but we assume the agreement included bamboo and eucalyptus performance bonuses.

Here’s to negotiating for what you want.

The News

Venture capital and philanthropy both deal in moving large amounts of money: VC aims to beat the stock market and maximize returns. Philanthropy looks to create positive change. Both hold rocking holiday parties (so we hear). What can the two sectors learn from one another? Austin Clements, managing partner of Slauson & Co., and Alberto Ibargüen, CEO of the Knight Foundationjoined the latest episode of Off the Sidelines, an investor education podcast produced by us at

Vaccines for COVID-19 seem tantalizing close, but remote work is here to stay through most if not all of 2021. The Fulton-based cloud services firm shared its lessons from a disruptive year of remote work, and how it plans to maximize success, resilience, efficiency and employee satisfaction in the year ahead.

A trio of Baltimore tech and innovation orgs are offering youth in Charm City a chance to build solutions that address the challenges presented by the pandemic, and earn money while doing so. A dozen young people on Thursday began COVID SLAM, an entrepreneurial design thinking challenge.

The Jobs





The End

If the giant pandas violate the terms of their agreement with Smithsonian, whether with loud parties or bamboo binges, it’s unclear whether they’ll be covered by the District’s ban on evictions during to COVID.

Good luck out there on the job hunt.

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