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This Week in Jobs DE: Put your foot down

Get squashed, lanternflies.

Get it!!! (Gif via Giphy)

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On the prowl for lanternflies … oh, and jobs

In this edition of “Us vs. The World,” folks on the internet resisted the idea of seeking and destroying spotted lanternflies after a recent New York Times column. People wondered how something so beautiful could be dangerous. They questioned man’s audacity to kill any living being.

I don’t have to tell you that lanternflies are old news to those in the Greater Philadelphia region. In fact, when we were instructed to kill the pests, there was a lot less moral griping. It’s almost evolved into a sport — tallying the number of enemies knocked down and experimenting with the best choice of weapon (a shoe, a fly swatter, the butt of a cane?). Really, we live for the hunt.

One important note though: If applying to jobs outside of the area, maybe take “Lanternfly Eradicator” off your resume. Luckily, we’ve got a fresh batch of home-grown tech openings for you to take a swat at.

The News

Philly doesn’t scare easy, especially when it comes to a few bugs on the sidewalk. But we all dread the “first day” jitters. Read about QuotaPath’s collaborative environment that nurtures new hires.

Our dear city is on the map for higher ed excellence. Seven Philly schools made the cut onto U.S. News & World Report’s 2022 Best Colleges list.

#ICYMI: Who makes $200K, and what does that mean for the region’s future of racial equity and economic mobility? That’s the question driving’s data-driven series that breaks down earnings in several cities. Tell us: What do you know that we don’t, or what do you think we need to come to understand about how tech economies are growing wealth in U.S. cities? We want your feedback.

A PSA: Hurricane Ida rolled through the region earlier this month. If your business was affected, there are physical disaster loans available. wants your feedback: Take our community survey to help us better meet your local tech info needs. As thanks, we’re picking a handful of survey takers to win a $50 gift card or a signed copy of Guy Raz’s book, “How I Built This.”

The Jobs

The End

Trying to beat my PR of downing three lanternflies in one sitting. Hbu?


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