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Who makes $200K? Tech careers, race and economic mobility in American cities

This multi-part, data-driven series explores the intersection of race, economic mobility and tech careers with a focus on individuals earning $200,000 — the income needed to become an accredited angel investor — across comparable markets.

The series asks: Who makes $200,000 in Technical.ly's five markets, and how did that group change over the past 10 years? What does a rise or decline of high earners mean for a city and its startup ecosystem? How do tech careers and entrepreneurship contribute to economic mobility?

This series uses data compiled for Technical.ly by Resolve Philly Data Editor Julie Christie. Check out her methodology via GitHub.

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Who makes $200K?

Tech has made many richer. Through a Technical.ly data analysis and the start of an ongoing series, we look at what it means that at the same time, in many American cities, racial income inequality is worsening.

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