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This Week in Jobs DE: Humidity is in the air

Waiting for a break.

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Alexa, play “I Can’t Stand the Rain” by Tina Turner

Not to refute Ms. Turner’s point, but isn’t it a relief when the sky opens up after walking around the city while the air feels like mud you can wade through?

Rain is a damper on some plans, though. What are the best ways to spend a night during a summer thunderstorm? Cuddled up in some blankets, watching a movie? A book, a lap cat and a cup of tea? Staring longingly out of the window, pretending you’re in a music video while your favorite breakup album rolling in the background?

There’s nothing to make a curious mind brood more than a dark, stormy night. Maybe the latest round of rainy evenings had you wondering about your career and where you’re headed. Luckily, TWIJ shows up rain or shine, and we’ve always broadcast a 100% chance for a light shower of need-to-know tech opportunities.

The News

A year and a half into living and working at home, the startup NYCE is opening a coworking “hacker house” near Temple University’s main campus. TEMPLE I: The Tech Mansion will house 17 students. Its second iteration — which is expected to open in 2022 — will have room for 80. Get your shower flip flops ready!

Lack of broadband access for residents and businesses is a standing issue for the City of Philadelphia. Want to hear some solutions? Here’s a rundown of five tactics the city could use to benefit all of its residents.

Speaking of solutions, business leader Donavan West is launching his own Black Business Accelerator. He told his vision for the BBA’s structure and impact.

And The Queen is open and ready to reign. Reporter Holly Quinn chatted with GM Sam Blumin about the iconic Wilmington venue’s pandemic-time evolution, and plans for a reimagined future.

The Jobs

Never want to talk about weather next to the water cooler, like ever again? #WFH:

The End

Have a good week!


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