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This Week in Jobs: Engineers and product peeps are hot for fall

Jobs you’ll like a latte.

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Sing it like Phil Collins

Oh, change, it’s just around the bend. The riverbend, if you’re Pocahontas. But you’re not, so, just the bend. You can feel it in the air: that brightness in the breeze that stirs you up inside, the cool rainy nights that send shivers up your spine, the — Oh, look! A puppy in a knit poncho! OMG.

That’s right. Fall. It’s comin’ ‘round the mountain.

Every time the seasons change, it feels like a new chance to reboot your routine. Start exercising (again). Take up axe-throwing. Slip into something pumpkin-colored. You know the drill. And hey, a cool breeze might be exactly what you need to push yourself out of your overheated comfort zone and into the fresh, clean oasis of a new career path.

Are you ready? We are.

On to the good stuff…

The News

The home remodeling company that is remodeling the home remodeling industry is hiring! Sorry, we get excited about word play. Let’s back up. Power Home Remodeling — the national leader in exterior home remodeling — has been reprogramming its take on the customer experience by creating its own proprietary software, NITRO. Technologists at Power have the opportunity to work on the NITRO intelligence platform in creative, futuristic ways, like building apps and features from scratch. Learn more about the company’s build-not-buy approach to tech and check out the open gigs.

It’s civic tech month here at, and you know what that means. Oh, wait, maybe you don’t. It means that for the month of September, our reporters will be “diving deep into topics like open data, civic hackathons, 311 apps, smart cities, online voter registration and public-private collaboration.” Got a story idea? Lay it on us.

Oh, and while we have you, know someone in the local tech space that we should be celebrating during this particularly brutal year? For this year’s Awards, we’re getting a bit more intentional by honoring technologists’ whose ongoing work to make local tech and entrepreneurship communities places that also challenge racism, the pandemic and the unjust status quo. Know someone doing just that? Tell us, tell us.

The Jobs

  • Speaking of civic tech, Philly’s own experts in geospatial data applications at Azavea are hiring a Software Engineer committed to saving the world.
  • Perpay brings the microlending concept to customers that need a hand making big purchases (think: furniture, washer/dryers). We will now announce the job opening as if we were Dwight K. Shrute: Perpay. Purchases. Performance Marketer. Product Designer.
  • Meanwhile, in other news brought to you by the letter P, Penn Mutual — the tie-free fintech services firm — is on the lookout for a Product Systems Specialist.
  • Always wanted your office to feel like it was decorated by a whimsical, boho-chic fairy? Go straight to the source. URBN — parent company to brands with dreamy window decor, like Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters — is hiring an Associate Manager, Personalization & Testing.
  • One of the world’s largest cloud hosting providers, Linode, is looking for a couple of pros to help secure the perimeter, a Security Engineer Intern and the next level up, a full blown Security Engineer.
  • The Workshop School and Building 21, two of Philly’s coolest, most innovative high schools — not that we pick favorites, everybody is special in their own way — are looking for a School Technology Coordinator to oversee and support both campuses.

Though many of us are technically remote employees right now (right?), these roles are officially remote — i.e., never fear the future requirements of wearing pants to work ever again.

The End

We hope you “fall” into a role you love soon. Sorry. That was the worst. We blame all of the *very loud* Old Navy commercials.

Annnnywho — happy job hunting, friends. See you next week.


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