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What does ‘workplace culture’ mean now that normal is nonexistent? Tell us this August

This month of our editorial calendar, will be asking: How will the pandemic, recession and racial equity movement affect team dynamics in the long term?

Technically Media's virtual mini retreat on Zoom, July 2020. (Screenshot)

This editorial article is a part of Workplace Culture Month of's editorial calendar.

It’s moment of change throughout society. What does that mean for our workplaces?

This Workplace Culture Month — August’s theme of our 2020 editorial calendar — will read differently than last summer’s Team Dynamics Month. (Gone are the days of IRL team retreats, at least for a while.) reporters will still focus extra reporting on organizational structure, professional perks and HR best practices, but we’re also acutely aware of how weird it is to be a human at work right now.

We continue to navigate a pandemic that prompted both possibly endless remote life for some professionals and the end of reliable work, period, for many others. And some parts of this cultural moment — the racial equity movement, namely — will continue far beyond 2020, no matter what’s happening with COVID-19.

Accordingly, some big questions we’ll seek to answer through our reporting this August: What long-term effects will pandemic-prompted remote work have on internal culture? What does corporate activism look like beyond black squares? How do dynamics change as a company grows — or shrinks?

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This month, we’ll also be hosting our annual Super Meetup event — including all four of our markets — as a reimagined virtual trivia night on Thursday, Aug. 13. Learn more and register here.

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