How to work remotely

This series provides resources to local tech communities on the best practices for working remotely and staying productive at home.

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Professional Development

How I Got Here: Remote work let gaming marketer Joey Davidson stay in Wilmington

By Holly Quinn

Delaware doesn’t boast many job opportunities in the video game industry. Since the pandemic shifted workplace norms, this Technical.ly alum can have both.

Company Culture

Why Technically Media has gone fully remote

As a tech news publisher serving multiple markets, our team has always been distributed. Now, in seeking even more flexibility amid the pandemic, here's why we've gone fully remote, too — and how other employers can think about the dilemma.

Company Culture

The office is changing, not going away

Despite breathless reporting of tech workers retreating to the mountains, the data and the stories point to a return to office (and the cities that host them). Here's more from Technical.ly’s latest Culture Builder newsletter.

Company Culture

Does your employer’s HQ matter anymore?

We've been asking technologists and other pros what they expect post-pandemic work to look like, and there's no definite answer emerging yet. Head over to Technical.ly's public Slack on April 23 for a live discussion to sort it all out.

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