Infinite Blue’s new HQ is made for in-person work

The growing business continuity tech company now has six times more space in its creativity-centered headquarters in Audubon.

A peek into Infinite Blue's new HQ.

(Courtesy photo)

Venture-backed SaaS company Infinite Blue has sextupled the size of its headquarters with a new 36,000-square-foot Audubon location, replacing its former 6,000-square-foot Collegeville HQ.

The new HQ, which began renovations last fall, is the home base for about 60 of its 104 employees. Another 30 Infinite Blue employees work in the company’s international offices in India and Dubai, and about 10 work remotely in other parts of the US.

It’s a space that embraces the return of the in-person office, with lots of collaboration space, quiet space including a zen room, a living room, mother’s room, game room and nine-hole indoor mini golf course.

(What does Infinite Blue do? Its platform’s flagship product, BC in the Cloud, provides automated SaaS tools and professional services focused on business continuity. If you’re looking to build a custom application or tool for your company, but don’t have the time or resources to build from the ground up, the company’s “low-code” platform might be able to help.)

Here’s a look:

Infinite Blue HQ -- lobby space

Infinite Blue HQ’s lobby space. (Courtesy photo)

Infinite Blue HQ -- quiet space

Infinite Blue HQ’s quiet space. (Courtesy photo)

Infinite Blue HQ -- game room

Infinite Blue HQ’s game room. (Courtesy photo)

“We believe in in-person work and meeting people where they are,” Infinite Blue COO Vince Willis told “So we’ve created a space for people where they can come and be productive. There’s social interaction. There’s that kind of creative spark and spontaneity that tends to happen more when people share the same physical space more than you can with any of kind of hybrid or remote methods.”


That’s not to say that remote is off the table entirely for Infinite Blue employees.

“There are plenty of times where the work you’re doing is probably facilitated by being in quiet, whether that be remote or in a quiet space in the office,” Willis said. “So we’re really trying to meet people where they feel most comfortable.”

Designing an in-person space in 2021, with remote work rising in the tech industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meant taking some things into consideration that wouldn’t necessarily have been factors if the renovations had happened pre-2020.

“We definitely have an ethos of keeping people safe,” Willis said. “I would say that density is much lower than it would have been, although our spaces have always had a lot of flow space. We like a lot of creative space. And it just comes down to the way our philosophy is, the way humans work: We want to give people a balance of being able to be together. It’s a very creative company. The things we do change the way things are done.”

The move to a bigger HQ comes on the heels of Infinite Blue’s recent growth spurt. In 2021, the company’s employee headcount increased by 60%, and it opened its second international office in Dubai. 2021 also saw BC in the Cloud become one of the first software platforms of its kind to achieve achieved SOC 2 Type 2 Certification.

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