The inaugural season of DC Diaries has wrapped. Get to know these 11 #dctech leaders

In this new video series, we heard from local technologists, entrepreneurs and startup leaders about how they have been navigating the pandemic, and their plans moving forward. DC Diaries' first-season guests.

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It’s been roughly nine months since we’ve transitioned to working from home, something that’s starting to feel more permanent as the days go on.

Before the pandemic started, I made a goal to attend more events this year to connect with the #dctech community on a deeper level. Those plans quickly changed in March when those in-person opportunities were canceled, postponed or moved online.

As a reporter, I thrive off of in-person interactions, spending my days at a coworking space that fosters collaboration and hearing about the next best thing at pitch competitions and tech events. Who would have known I’d be regretting taking a simple gesture like a handshake for granted as I now conduct all of my interviews via video calls or over the phone?

I was getting weary with my day-to-day work tasks so I started thinking of new ways to serve the #dctech community through my reporting. That’s how DC Diaries was born. This new video series, launched in August, features interviews with local entrepreneurs, technologists and company leaders. These lighthearted conversations hosted by me — DC Market Editor Michelai Graham — explore various topics, including how these folks got their start in the #dctech community, how they have been managing work in quarantine and what has been keeping them sane when they are off the clock.

This series is also another way readers can get to know some local tech professionals virtually. Some guests on the show talk about how they are struggling with the work-life balance and indulging in new business ideas, while others are taking up fun activities like playing the guitar, writing a science fiction novel and binging popular shows.

I made the goal of producing at least 10 episodes and I exceeded that with 11 total, plus tons of outreach for future seasons. This first season featured leaders from DC’s inaugural RealLIST Connectors, but I’m still working on what the next season will look like — so if you have any topic ideas, feel free to drop me a note at

Below, click the guests’ names to see their full interview recaps and the listen to the audio of their DC Diaries episodes, and check out all the videos from the inaugural season:


Dawn Myers, director of the Vinetta Project DC chapter

Lauren Maffeo, service designer at SteamPunk

Meghan Gaffney Buck, CEO of VEDA Data Solutions

Shanaz Chowdhery, chief of staff at Vemo Education

David Wilson, founder and principal at Franklin Advisory

Alex Stonehouse, director of marketing at Procurated

Dipanwita Das, cofounder and CEO of Sorcero

Lucas McCanna, digital marketing manager at Kit Check

Rachel Koretsky, DC Startup Week organizer and Upace founder

Yvette Scorse, communications director at Byte Back

Amelia DeSorrento, people strategy lead at Capital One

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