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This Week in Jobs: Gigs that’ll make mom proud

Call your mother.

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Mama Mia!

On Sunday, a Mother’s Day legend was born. This guy forgot to call his mother until 9:30 p.m. When she picked up the phone, he said, “Mom, I’m sorry it’s so late. It’s just that, I wanted to call at the end of your day so that I could hear all about it.”

And she ate it up.

Now let’s try and turn this into a lesson for job hunting, shall we? Here’s one. Quick thinking and clever copy can make or break your personal brand. So go spruce up that cover letter and breathe a little more life into your LinkedIn bio. You never know, it could capture the heart of a hopeful hiring manager, waiting eagerly by the computer, desperate to hear those few sweet words before bed: “I love you…r job opportunity.”

Also, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there, past, present and future. We do love you, despite our modern disdain for phone calls.

Alright. Time to make mom proud. To the job boards!

The News

Missed’s Introduced|Virtual last week? Or, loved it so much you want to watch it all over again (and who could blame you)? Well, here you go folks — all nine videos from May 7’s Philly Tech Week event, lined up and ready for your binging enjoyment.

In an urgently inspiring episode of The TWIJ Show, Technically Media CEO Christopher Wink, Sorcero founder and CEO Dipanwita Das and Diligent VP Shana Glenzer grace our ear holes with some key tips for how to change a company’s strategy, quickly (like, pandemic level quickly). Take a listen at the link.

While there may be “no such thing as a ‘back to normal’ for companies post-COVID,” HRnB Consulting founder Talia Edmundson shared with us a process she calls “reboarding for retention” — a plan of action for getting back to work in a way that maintains (or develops) employee loyalty.

The Jobs

Software leaders, pick your poison:

Gotta start somewhere! Here are a few jobs for industry newbies:

Love them numbers?

Always a few engineering roles up for the taking:

  • Blackfynn is on the prowl for a Senior Back-End Engineer.
  • Sidecar is driving around looking for a Software Engineer II.
  • HealthVerity seeks a Full Stack Software Engineer.
  • And although Promptworks isn’t hiring right this moment, it is accepting applications to fill a Senior Software Engineer role when hiring is back on track. Good time to “set it (i.e., send that resume) and forget it.” Kind of like an Instant Pot. It’ll beep when it’s ready. Actually, do they beep? Still haven’t taken ours out of the box — but please don’t tell our mom.

And don’t sweat it if you already threw away all your pants. These jobs will always be WFH:

The End

Please let us know if you find a job through our newsletter, jobs board or another platform. We’d love to hear a pandemic success story!

Thank you for joining us this week, friends. Happy job hunting, folks.

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