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Put your personal story first at NET/WORK Baltimore this Thursday

There are more than a dozen companies ready to hire at this year’s event. Here’s how to walk home with an offer.

Job seekers at NET/WORK Baltimore 2018. ( file photo)
Full disclosure: SmartLogic and GeBBS Consulting are sponsors of NET/WORK Baltimore.

Searching for a new job is notoriously nerve-wracking. Constantly scouring jobs boards, writing and rewriting your resume to highlight the “right” skills, emailing hiring managers in the hopes you’ll get a response.

NET/WORK Baltimore, taking place this Thursday, March 14, skips all the stressful steps for jobseekers and hiring managers by putting talented jobseekers face-to-face with over a dozen ready-to-hire employers.

(Psst, here’s the data behind the 60+ jobs available at NET/WORK Baltimore.)

Even if the perfect match isn’t in attendance this year, you can still brush up on your interviewing skills with mock interviews with the Career and Internship Center of the University of Baltimore, add some polish your resume with help from the folks at Baltimore City Information Technology, or snag a professional headshot for your LinkedIn page.

Plus, free coffee and promise of an after-party happy hour make conversation that much more like a normal day at the office than an overwhelming job hunt. How can you get the conversation started? We went straight to a few hiring companies to see what they’ll be looking for on Thursday.

Find your next tech job. RSVP for NET/WORK Baltimore

Share your story

It’s no secret that people in tech come from a variety of backgrounds, whether it be a social worker seeking something new or a seasoned pro looking to escape their traditional office. Sharing why you work is just as important to employers as the work you do.

“Strike the right balance between talking about yourself and listening to the company that you’re visiting describe itself,” said Yair Flicker president of Canton-based firm SmartLogic.

Letting a rep rule the conversation will make you come off a bit, well, boring. Answer questions the company throws at you by sharing nuggets of information about who you are or how you handle situations.

“Don’t dominate the conversation [or] sell yourself too hard,” Flicker said. “Know when it’s time to move on to the next table.”

Know their story

It goes without saying that you should always do a little research into the specific roles you’re applying to. However, just as important as getting a better understanding of the job is getting to know the people you’ll work with to get it done.

Our current and future success is based on each and every GeBBS employee,” says Paul Tuma, president of GeBBS Consulting.

Tuma isn’t kidding. This Towson-based healthcare IT company has more than a 90 percent employee retention rate, meaning it’s not just the flexible hours and work from home days that make people are really happy to work here.

Reserve your spot, know your stuff, take the next step in your story.

Find your next tech job. RSVP for NET/WORK Baltimore

Companies: SmartLogic

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