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This Week in Jobs Pittsburgh: Catch You Later, Calibri

Will Comic Sans be Microsoft Office’s new default font?

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Farewell, Calibri, we hardly knew ye.

After 15 years as Microsoft Office’s default font, the familiar sans-serif is being swapped out next year. While we bid the font goodbye, the team at Microsoft is collecting feedback on five new fonts and asking users to help decide which will be the newest default.

Unfortunately for you chaos agents out there, Comic Sans and Wingdings are not in the running.

But that begs the question — if Office is overhauling the classics, maybe you should, too.

Dust off that old resume, try a new font or two and check out this week’s jobs.

The News

It’s not too late to learn something new. Log on later today for’s annual (and free!) Developers Conference to hear more about in-depth technical case studies and innovations in the industry.

After being hailed as one of Time’s most innovative companies of the year, TechCrunch unpacks the success of Duolingo in an in-depth, three-part series.

In an unpredictable year, what comes next? Hear insights from 30 expert speakers across industries during Introduced by, a free and virtual event about building better companies on Thursday, May 13.

Crowdfunding platform Honeycomb Credit raised some funds of its own. The small business funding platform just closed a $1.75 million seed funding round and plans to use some capital to hire new team members.

Nonprofit Black Tech Nation made headlines after announcing its $50 million fund to support startups run by marginalized groups. Founder Kelauni Jasmyn sat down with to explain what comes next.

The Jobs

The Remote Jobs

The End

New fonts can prove to be a font of inspiration. Serif or sans, we’ll see you again soon.

If you want to check on new jobs in the mid-Atlantic region, go ahead and sift through’s jobs board any time.

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